We make your life easier with beautiful sets that are ready for you to wear them and steal the spotlight! Choose from gold plated, smooth, zirconia studded or Natural Fusion models.

R$ 24,20

Anel Duplo Cravejado XYR102160

Regular price R$ 24,20
R$ 13,05
R$ 11,61
R$ 14,53

Anel Arco-íris XYR102766

Regular price R$ 14,53
R$ 17,00

Anel Cross XYR102700

Regular price R$ 17,00
R$ 13,30
R$ 17,00

Anel Vitral Colorido XYR102762

Regular price R$ 17,00
R$ 23,00

Colar Duplo Simples XYN100862

Regular price R$ 23,00
R$ 24,05
R$ 22,00

Brinco Argolinha Gota XYE102988

Regular price R$ 22,00
R$ 23,50

Anel Pedras Cravejadas XYR102650

Regular price R$ 23,50