Rings are among the most traditional jewels in history, they have existed for thousands of years and have evolved quite a bit. We work with the best techniques to offer our customers rings with the best possible finish and design!

R$ 39,00
R$ 31,64

Anel Tela de Borboleta XYR103080

Regular price R$ 31,64
R$ 31,50

Anel lua perolada XYR103445ring

Regular price R$ 31,50
R$ 31,30

Anel Coroa Fusion XYR103447 ring

Regular price R$ 31,30
R$ 30,57
R$ 29,87

Anel Aro Cravejado XYR101647

Regular price R$ 29,87
R$ 29,70

Anel Folhas XYS101011

Regular price R$ 29,70
R$ 28,80
R$ 28,73
R$ 28,50
R$ 28,10

Anel Luxo Cravejado XYR103167

Regular price R$ 28,10
R$ 28,10
R$ 27,64

Anel Duplo "LOVE" XYR100402

Regular price R$ 27,64